On-site chair massage for companies

The Perfect Addition to Your Office/Workplace or Event

We realize that your employee’s performance, time and health are of utmost importance for you and therefore we are providing a solution to increase the company performance, to encounter less medical leaves, to motivate and reward the employees: On-Site Chair Massage.

If stress in the office is the main enemy of an efficient work, the massage in the office proves to be a true relief. If the employee disconnects from the intellectual or physical activity and from the daily routine through a therapeutic/relaxing massage, the working day becomes easier and more productive.

On-Site Chair Massage is also great for conferences, exhibitions, sporting events, team building sessions, business meetings, conventions, fundraisings, promotions, social gatherings or office openings. You could surprise your audience by organizing such a service.

Various techniques are combined for achieving complex results: energetic balance pressure derived from Shiatsu, profound therapeutic massage, Yumeiho joints mobilizations, classical Swedish massage, etc.

Incorrect body positions, stress, sedentary life style, head and back aches – all these are addressed by the On-Site Chair Massage.

The companies that are interested can receive a free demonstration to convince themselves of our services and to realize that Bellamia is the best choice in this field.

Show your employees the appreciation for all their hard work !

Benefits for companies

  • No investments are required from the client companies. We provide the full logistics for the office massage sessions.
  • There is no need for a dedicated space for this activity. We can easily transform any office into a relaxation room and at the end of the program we can rearrange it to the initial form.
  • A massage session takes only 15-20 minutes, the equivalent of a lunch or a coffee break, but with a much valuable outcome.
  • The whole procedure is very simple: the therapist comes to the client company with a special massage chair; the client sits on this chair in a comfortable position without taking off the clothes.
  • The regular medical massage at the office increases the performance and efficiency of employees. It prevents illnesses and decreases the number of medical leaves. The massage targets mainly the neck, shoulders, back, head and upper limbs, areas that are directly affected by prolonged incorrect positions at desks or by repetitive movements (in production departments for example).
  • Bellamia provides an on-line platform for scheduling the massage sessions, easing the entire process at the client side.

Benefits for the employees

Combined with music therapy and aromatherapy, the office massage is a real benefit for those with a sedentary life style or for those that do not have the time to exercise. It helps them relax, disconnect for a while and return to work with a different body and mind state.

It relaxes the contracted muscles due to prolonged fixed positions and increases the blood flow, leading to a better oxygenation of the brain and a higher level of concentration.

Through stretching, mobilizations, joints manipulations, the massage decreases fatigue, provides relief for the back and head aches and helps maintaining the joints mobility.

The brochure presenting this service is available here.