“ We in DMT Marine Equipment recently took the decision to try something new for our colleagues which will help relief the spinal and neck issues that arise from work. In this regard we started working with Bellamia, a professional company that organizes all the sessions for the entire company, in a structured and efficient way.

Piet ter Schure – CEO – DMT Marine Equipment

“ The vision of our company is defined by continuous improvement. We strive to implement this in all areas of our work, especially in our relationship with our employees. For this reason, we chose to collaborate with Bellamia. The office massage sessions are the most valued among the benefits package offered, and for us, employee satisfaction is extremely important, especially as it reflects in the quality of work. Bellamia’s therapists are truly professionals, and we warmly recommend their services to our partner.

Simona Antohi – Director Financiar – DMT Marine Equipment

“ In a world where stress and office work affect us both physically and mentally, the chair massage offered by Bellamia gives you a fresh start from the very first session. Every time, I felt wonderful, filled with positive energy, relaxed, and with a positive outlook. So, whenever I have the opportunity, I will recommend Bellamia Salon to friends and acquaintances. All my appreciation to the Bellamia professionals!

Mircea Tataru – Project Manager – DMT Marine Equipment

“ Lately, I’ve been stepping out of the routine by attending these special massage sessions for people who work at desks. All I can say is that I came across wonderful individuals who demonstrated perfect professionalism. The atmosphere is warm and pleasant, and the sessions succeeded in relaxing me and addressing my pains.”

Alexandra Diaconiță – Design Engineer – Nasdis Consulting

“ The workplace chair massage is a highly appreciated benefit in our company. In just 15 minutes, the massage relieves tension, fills us with positive energy, and provides a sense of well-being. Bellamia’s therapists are always smiling, professional, and responsive to each of our needs. I wholeheartedly recommend it!”

Diana Cuza – Nasdis Consulting

When you work at a desk, stress affects you both physically and mentally, and you need a break. Well, my favorite break is the ‘chair massage’ at Bellamia. Not only does it disconnect you for 15 minutes, but it also changes your mood and fills you with positive energy. It’s one of my favorite perks at the company where I work.”

Adriana Pațilea – Design Engineer – Nasdis Consulting

I was impressed by the quality of the services offered by Bellamia and the pleasant atmosphere they managed to create at the workplace. The music and scented sticks perfectly complement the massage and provide the right state of relaxation. I can honestly say that you feel rejuvenated at the end of the session.

Paul Pascu – Design Engineer – Nasdis Consulting

We are a small company, and the relationships among employees are more than just collegial; I can say we feel like a family. When I went for a massage session at Bellamia Salon, I discovered the possibility of having 15-20 minute massage sessions on a chair, at the desk. This led to a collaboration with the ladies from Bellamia, and we provided our employees with periodic chair massage sessions. Although shy at first, employees felt the benefits of massage and more of them began signing up for chair massages. The Bellamia ladies are professionals and with each massage session, they provide relaxation and energy at the same time. The minutes spent in massage are a ‘break’ from the daily routine that helps us return to work revitalized and more motivated. Thank you once again to the Bellamia Team!”

Mirela Bociar – Financial Director – AEG Tehnology

“ Relaxing the back through massage, when work takes place at a desk, gives you refreshing energy for the rest of the day and, in the long term, a general sense of well-being. The Bellamia ladies do an extraordinary job! Thank you for your diligence and professionalism!”

Luminița Basalic – Financial Director – KAEFER Shipbuilding Contracting

“ Vega Hotels confidently chose massage services provided by professional masseurs representing BELLAMIA, from professional to professional. There is an interdependence between professional satisfaction, health, employee well-being, and the performance, production, and quality of services characteristic of the company. Therefore, chair massage is the perfect way to strike a balance between health and professional life, offering a complete solution for muscle relaxation and brain revitalization for the entire staff of the company. With this consideration in mind and because we care about the well-being of our colleagues who are part of the VEGA HOTELS team, we confidently turned to the services of the Bellamia Center. This will motivate employees to be more productive, energetic, confident in themselves, and in the company they have chosen to work for. A good massage will always manage to mobilize and uplift us.”

Teodora Râpă – Operations Director – VEGA HOTELS