Radiofrequency Body Therapy

Radiofrequency is based on the application of electromagnetic waves (radio) that act on the adipose tissue from within, without affecting the epidermis in any way. These waves produce heating of the fat layers, targeting the deep-seated fat deposits that are often difficult to eliminate and are not reached by regular anti-cellulite creams. What is remarkable in radiofrequency treatment is the toning effect that can be observed even after the first session.

Radiofrequency contours and redefines the silhouette, providing instant toning, smoothing, and lifting without damaging the tissues. It induces the contraction of collagen fibers, stimulating the formation of new, elastic fibers. Stimulated collagen migrates towards the surface, the epidermis, resulting in an immediate effect of firmness and skin elasticity. The skin gains a healthy, toned, perfectly smooth, and rejuvenated appearance.

The effects of radiofrequency continue even after the session ends: clients still feel warmth in the treated area, and the toning effect persists.


  • Reduction of fat and elimination of toxins and fluids
  • Reduction of the “orange peel” appearance and reshaping of the body contour
  • Deep toning Stimulation of collagen production for firm and smooth skin
  • Reduction of stretch marks and prevention of their formation
  • Improvement of cellular metabolism through increased circulation in the treated area, providing nutrients, oxygen, and vasodilation
  • Visible improvement in skin appearance even after the first session

Being highly effective on deep-seated adipose tissue, Radiofrequency is recommended for treating all types of cellulite, even stages 3-4. It is especially useful for treating the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips, arms, calves, and back.

Radiofrequency is ideal for individuals with loose skin: recently postpartum women, sagging breasts, flabby skin around the elbows and knees – areas known for being challenging to reshape.

Radiofrequency therapy is of short duration, with each session lasting 30 minutes; depending on the treated areas, the time can be extended. In body treatments, 2-3 sessions per week are recommended.


  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Individuals with metal prosthetics / cardiac pacemakers
  • Acute skin infections, eczema, herpes
  • Surgical interventions in the treated area within the last 6 months
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer within the last 5 years


Results may vary from person to person, depending on age, basal metabolic rate, family history, lifestyle, physical activity, and do not replace the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Body contouring treatments complement a balanced diet and physical exercise to achieve the best results in the fight against cellulite and localized adiposity. These treatments ensure smooth skin appearance, reshape your entire body contour, and harmoniously sculpt your figure.

For weight loss, your body needs to adjust calorie intake according to physical activity. To maintain the results obtained from body treatments, gradually eliminate habits that affect your silhouette.