On-site chair massage for companies

The Perfect Addition to Your Office, Workplace, or Event

We recognize the utmost significance of your employees’ performance, time, and well-being to you. Therefore, we offer a solution that not only enhances company performance, reduces medical leaves, and motivates employees, but also rewards them: On-Site Chair Massage.

When stress becomes the main impediment to efficient work, office massage offers genuine relief. By disconnecting from intellectual or physical tasks through a therapeutic and relaxing massage, employees find their workday becoming smoother and more productive.

On-Site Chair Massage is equally ideal for conferences, exhibitions, sporting events, team building sessions, business meetings, conventions, fundraisers, promotions, social gatherings, or office openings. This service can provide an unexpected and delightful surprise for your audience.

We employ a combination of techniques to achieve comprehensive results, including energetic balance pressure inspired by Shiatsu, profound therapeutic massage, Yumeiho joint mobilizations, and classic Swedish massage.

Incorrect body postures, stress, sedentary lifestyles, and head and back discomfort—all are addressed through the On-Site Chair Massage.

Companies interested in our services can request a free demonstration to experience our offerings firsthand and understand why Bellamia stands as the premier choice in this field.

Show your employees your appreciation for their hard work!

Benefits for Companies

  • No financial investments are required from client companies. We handle the full logistics for office massage sessions.
  • Dedicated space is not essential for this activity. We can effortlessly transform any office into a relaxation area, which can then be restored to its original state after the program.
  • A massage session lasts only 15-20 minutes—equivalent to a lunch or coffee break—with highly valuable outcomes.
  • The process is simple: a therapist arrives at the client company with a specialized massage chair. The client sits in a comfortable position while fully clothed.
  • Regular medical massages at the office boost employee performance and efficiency. It prevents illnesses and reduces the number of medical leaves. Mainly targeting the neck, shoulders, back, head, and upper limbs, areas directly impacted by prolonged incorrect desk positions or repetitive movements (as in production departments).
  • Bellamia offers an online platform for scheduling massage sessions, streamlining the entire process for clients.

Benefits for Employees

When paired with music therapy and aromatherapy, office massage significantly benefits those with sedentary lifestyles or limited exercise time. It aids in relaxation, provides a temporary disconnect, and helps employees return to work with a refreshed body and mind.

By relieving contracted muscles from extended fixed postures and increasing blood flow, office massage enhances brain oxygenation and concentration levels.

Through stretching, mobilization, and joint manipulation, the massage alleviates fatigue, offers relief for back and head discomfort, and supports joint mobility.

For more information about this service, please refer to the available Brochure – On-site chair massage.