Gift Voucher

We are delighted that you’ve chosen the gift voucher from Bellamia. Thank you, and we wish you or the lucky recipient a Pleasant Pampering!

Please complete the following form with the necessary details for creating the voucher.

Your name as the client placing and paying for this voucher. We need your first and last name to identify the payment made to us and to allocate the voucher correctly.
Your phone number as the client placing and paying for this voucher. It's required to send you the voucher via WhatsApp if you choose that option.
Your email address as the client placing and paying for this voucher.
We need the first and last name to customize the voucher. You can choose to use a nickname or any desired form. (This section is optional. If not filled, the received voucher will not be personalized.)
Customize the voucher with a message! Be as creative as possible!
Choose the value of the voucher you wish to gift (minimum 50 RON). Please note that the offered services are of choice and equivalent to the paid amount. By ordering the gift voucher, you agree to the following: the recipient of the services will present the gift voucher upon arrival at our salon; the return of voucher values will not be accepted; bookings are made using the phone number mentioned on the voucher; the voucher is valid for 3 months.
Bellamia collects some personal data to ensure the smooth conduct of business activities in accordance with the applicable legislation and in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament. In this form, you are asked to provide data such as name, first name, email address/phone number for the sole purpose of delivering the desired voucher. Thank you for your choice, and please note that the lack of consent for data processing for the above-defined purpose prevents us from completing the transaction. Thank you!

Please make the payment for the selected voucher through a bank transfer using the details mentioned below. Thank you for your choice. Feel free to contact us for any clarification or curiosity. We’re here to help!