Body Ultrasound Therapy

This treatment is recommended for areas with aesthetic concerns, whether or not they have cellulite. It’s particularly beneficial for dry, lacking firmness, dehydrated skin that has lost its elasticity. It’s useful on areas with nodular cellulite, even older cellulite that hasn’t responded well to other treatments, and it’s also effective in treating stretch marks.

Although ultrasound may seem like a gentle massage, it has mechanical, thermal, and dynamic effects on the body. Its positive effects on both blood circulation and lymphatic circulation are remarkable. Ultrasound is therefore recommended for addressing unsightly (and painful) dilation of blood vessels in the legs, especially when experiencing a constant sensation of heavy legs. It reduces edema (by enhancing circulation), creating a sensation of comfort and relief in the legs after just a few sessions.

In ultrasound treatments, the reduction of adipose tissue and the decrease in cellulite nodules become evident even in the first series of treatments. The advantage is that individuals with capillary fragility can also be treated. Ultrasound therapy is an excellent method for body reshaping. It’s particularly ideal for treating advanced cellulite. It can be performed after another therapy (such as electrostimulation or body wraps) or as a standalone treatment.

Results of ultrasound therapy:

  • Improvement of stretch marks due to its defibrosing effect on tissue and elastin and collagen fibers
  • Attenuation of micro and macro cellulite nodules
  • Destruction of localized adipose nodules through the mechanical-thermal action of the ultrasound device, even leading to the dissolution of fat deposits by penetrating active creams and substances deep into the skin (at a depth of 4-5 cm)
  • Through its thermal action and acoustic pressure, it activates cellular metabolism, increases blood circulation, stimulates the release of toxins from cells and their transfer to the lymphatic system, and results in centimeter reduction

The UltraSoniq device also performs deep sonophoresis: ultrasound, through acoustic pressure, maximizes the effectiveness of active ingredients in anti-cellulite, anti-stretch mark creams, etc. Sonophoresis through ultrasound efficiently transports active ingredients directly to the targeted treatment area: abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, arms, chin, etc.

Contraindications for ultrasound therapy:

  • Pregnancy; during menstruation
  • Post-operative recovery
  • Within 30 minutes of a meal
  • Malignant tumors
  • Epilepsy, spasmodic torticollis, hyperthyroidism
  • Cardiac pacemaker
  • Metal implant
  • Cardiac diseases
  • Skin inflammations, dermatological lesions, skin diseases, etc.
  • Individuals with highly prominent varicose veins in the treatment areas